What does the package include?

Packages include free consultation, advice, location and theme ideas. Whether it is package 1, 2 or 3 you will receive all edited images, watermarked with the company's logo for use online. This does not include prints nor the rights to them. If you want prints you must purchase a print package. I do special orders on large wall mounts and canvas wraps.

What are consultations for?

They are a good way to meet in person and hash out ideas and wants for a photo shoot. Senior photos are an heirloom item and will be with you for the rest of your life. It is best to work out plans before we book and shoot. It also breaks the ice and helps us be more us around each other.

How many clothing changes can I have?

Typically 1 outfit per location is a good standard, but we can do up to 4 different outfits.

What should I wear?

I offer up to 4-outfit changes for 2 locations. Each location may have a few different spots to shoot at - think bridge, rock cropping, overlook, etc. At the very least you will want to have two different outfits for the two locations. Don’t worry about eating up time to change, that is fine.

Complete outfits are better then grabbing just your favorite blouse or shirt. The photos are going to be full, medium and face shots so make sure you put some thought into your outfits. Layers will make for more vibrant and help to express your style. Accessories are good add-ons too and make for some fun or serious looks. Layer it up, despite the temperature outside. You can always lose a layer.

Don’t bring two of the same outfits as well. Make them different. Think relaxed and dressed up. But most importantly make sure it is you. If your shoot is going to be in a rural setting, make sure what you pick reflects this. You don’t want to pick a formal outfit for a farm country shoot.

Do you use outdoor locations?

I shoot 95% on location. If you desire studio images then let me know and we can do that.

How many pictures do you take?

A ton. It is how many I edit that matter. You get 15-edited images, all different poses and most likely you will get more.

Do your pricing include retouching?

My price is full. You get all edited images with a minimum of 15 edited, retouched photos.

What kind of prints do I get?

The starting price of $125 for prints include either 1-4 8x10s, 4-8 5x7s, 4-8 4x6, and 6 wallet size images. You pick the sizes you want that add up to 15 prints and we will get rolling. For more or large wall mount size just ask.

What type of enhancements do you do?

I keep editing rather simple. I'm a story-teller by trade, so my images reflect the real you. I don't airbrush or alter appearances beyond a blemish, scratches and so on. If looking for the blown-out, "alien face" look then perhaps should find another photographer.

How long is a session?

It depends on outfits, locations and concept. We can spread them out over a period of hours, days or weeks. Whatever works best for you.

Is a session fee required in advance? and what is your cancellation policy?
The session fee is due at the time of shooting. I have no cancellation policy.

Do you offer a senior representative program where I can receive discounts?
I do. If can refer three or more friends than receive currently $100 off the session fee.