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A fascinating history of Holy Island

As I leave the BBC, it has chosen quite by accident to repeat a documentary I made last year about the history of Holy Island. What I have always loved about my job is finding out stuff I never knew. So despite having been many times to Lindisfarne, as it is more formally known, I simply did not have a full picture of how fascinating its past really is.

Months of research has my head bursting with information...but how to get it all into just 30 minutes?

Steve the cameraman picks up some gorgeous shots on a fabulously clear day.

Filming is of course great fun, but along the way I get to meet lots of locals who share their stories and knowledge with me. Some I even persuade to go on camera.

Perhaps the best reward is not only seeing the documentary go out - and get repeated! - but hearing from the contributors that they had a good time with us. As a producer, that's the best review you can get.

The documentary Villages by the Sea - Lindisfarne is on BBC One (North East & Cumbria ) Wednesday 4 Nov at 7:30pm and also on the iplayer:

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