Q: "So how much do you charge?"
A: "A fair day's pay for a fair day's work."

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In this line of work each job can have so many variables it's unrealistic to set fixed fees to cover all bases. The best way forward is for us to have a chat so I can understand what your requirements, budget and timescale are and price it fairly, for you and for me.

What you can bank on is you'll be getting a dedicated professional with 40 years experience, most of it with the BBC.


I am a creative force as a Producer/Director  behind the camera and a recognised face and voice in North East England, with an on-screen reputation for empathy, honesty and integrity.

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Useful pointers:

 TV & Radio Broadcast work is charged at standard industry rates.

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Voiceover work is always a variable cost as it depends on platform, usage, geography and license duration.

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Event hosting is all dependent on what sector you work in, what exactly you want your host to do, and how much preparation work /scriptwriting etc. that involves.

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If you are new to hiring someone in any of these  fields and unsure of how to go about it, then please don't be put off making an approach. Once I understand what you're after I can guide you through what is involved, what that might cost and if it's achievable within your budget.

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