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Giving to charity can be a selfish act

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

It’s been great to give something back!

A couple of months of pro bono work comes to a head tonight. I am producing a live webstream show that will enable an incredibly valuable NE charity raise its profile and much needed funds.

Lockdown scuppered the biennial auction dinner for HospiceCare North Northumberland. By thinking differently we found a silver lining in the midst of the pandemic.

The auction moved online but we wanted to create an event for volunteers, staff, fundraisers and donors. A show needs content so I produced several films including one that showcases their amazing work. Best of all it will also be used in talks, fundraising, recruitment and staff training.

Not so Altruistic?

For a small charity this has upped their game immensely. Having left the BBC I was able to put all that experience to great use and I’d love to say it was all altruistic, but actually it was also a selfish act.

It kept my creative juices flowing as I stepped into the brave new world of freelancing.

Best of all I got to meet some fabulous people doing an amazing job…that’s always humbling. So good luck to cast and crew tonight….

And here is the behind these scenes footage of the event...

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