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Royal Television Society Award
Best Presenter

Presenter / Reporter

I was honoured to be awarded the Royal Television Society (NE & The Border) Presenter of the Year title for the 5th time in 2018.

The video is my showreel submission to the RTS.

Here's what the judges had to say:

"The winner was an engaging and thorough presenter, who showcased a variety of presenting styles; a rich seam of research, and an approachable, trustworthy style. He shows he can be sharp and confrontational in interviews when faced with difficult subject matter, but also laid-back and entertaining when the subject required this approach. Chris Jackson has an enviable contacts book, and the judges felt he must never be off-duty, forever sniffing out local stories, be they quirky, poignant or hard-hitting."

"Chris is a versatile journalist who has a great manner on-screen. He gives time to his stories and is at ease in front of the camera, whether the subject-matter is challenging or more light-hearted. The judges enjoyed the diverse range of content in his portfolio and ability to draw the viewer in. He has a modern, dynamic approach to story-telling and this really engages the viewer. [Inside Out] is a regional programme which would stand its ground with any national show."





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